Proman4713 Game Development



In the year 3000, humanity traveled to space and lived there until the year 4000. But then, a catastrophic space crash occurred, leaving only one survivor - the player. The player's mind was connected to the spacesuit that he had on, so when the suit lost power, it caused him to shut down

Aliens stumbled upon the player and, mistaking him for a non-intelligent creature, they took him in for experimentation. The aliens transformed his body into a robot-like form and trapped him in a seemingly inescapable system filled with infinite levels

Even though he could move now, the player must try to find fuel for his suit before trying to restore his body

Desperate for escape, the player must navigate through the various levels, finding bugs and exploits in the system to break free. But as time goes on and hope dwindles, the player finally escapes, but the story remains open-ended, leaving room for a sequel